Clean Water Quest – 1st – 31st May

Take part in this citizen science survey and help to discover fantastic clean water habitats, great for wildlife, across the River Thame Catchment.

You can be part of current scientific research by using quick and simple test kits to measure the levels of two widespread pollutants, nitrate and phosphate, in your local ponds, streams, ditches and rivers.

The River Thame Catchment is an area where there is little information on the water quality of its freshwater landscape. Yet its freshwater habitats, from the biggest lakes to the tiniest trickles, pools and springs, are home to a vast array of plants and animals. It only takes a little pollution to cause the loss of much of this wildlife. With increasing pressures on the freshwater landscape, it is now more important than ever to find the clean water places, those that are free of pollution, where wildlife can thrive.

Take part in the Thame Water Blitz and help to build up a map of water quality across the Catchment! The Water Blitz will run between the 1st – 31st May.

The survey

  1. Sign up for your quick kits – Please email
  2. Decide where you are going to test – Choose places of your own, a local brook or maybe a garden pond, or choose from our selection of sites [available soon]
  3. Collect a water sample – Use a clean plastic tub or glass jar to collect a water sample. Make sure to rinse it three times in the water you want to test before collecting your water sample to ensure there is no residual residue.
  4. Test your water sample – Use 1 nitrate and 1 phosphate tube to test your water sample for nutrient pollution. Please follow the instructions on your recording form and watch this short ‘how to’ video by Freshwater Habitats Trust for a similar project.
  5. Submit your results – Send in your findings to contribute to the catchment wide survey.

Water Blitz Opening Events

Join us for an introductory talk. Find out why clean water is so important for wildlife and everything else you need to know, before collecting your kits, and heading out to test your local freshwater habitats. Free parking is available at both venues. Please book.

  • Saturday 28th April (11:00 – 12:30)

Stone Village Hall, 50 Oxford Rd, Stone, Aylesbury, HP17 8PB.

  • Monday 30th April (19:30 – 21:00)

Stadhampton Village Hall, The Green, Stadhampton, Oxford, OX44 7UW

Taking Part

You can sign up to test as many water bodies as you would like and whichever water bodies you would like. The survey is interested in all types of freshwater habitats, from the tiniest trickles, pools and streams to the mighty River Thame. Do you have a clean water gem on your doorstep?