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Clean Water Quest points: 51.748300, -0.978181

Clean Water Quest

500 sites, 31 days and 1 river catchment. Take part now!

We are enlisting the help of residents, groups and communities across the River Thame Catchment to help find clean, unpolluted water, where wildlife can thrive. New, quick and simple kits mean that everyone, from complete freshwater novices to professionals, now have the opportunity to take part in our first catchment wide survey of water quality. Volunteers can use simple kits to measure the levels of two widespread nutrients, nitrate and phosphate, in the River Thame, and its many surrounding water bodies.

To sign up please click on a point and follow the link through to a sign up form. We’ll get back to you to confirm and with more information on the survey, and your site.

Please note: These sites are provisional. We are still waiting to hear back from some landowners and therefore sites may be liable to change to another nearby waterbody. Please do not visit a site unless you have signed up and been in contact with us.