Volunteering is a key part of the River Thame Conservation Trust; as a very small organisation, we rely on volunteers to help us reach our goals and inspire others to join us along the way.

We have many volunteering opportunities available, which allow you to offer as much or as little time as you like. We are currently looking for volunteers to help us with the following:

  • Water Quality Monitoring: A small water sample is taken each month and two very simple water tests are done to determine phosphate and nitrate concentrations. We have volunteers all across the catchment helping with this and the more samples we have, the better understanding of water quality we can have.
  • Bird Surveys: We are looking for experienced bird watchers to help us complete the huge task of surveying the whole catchment. This project will allow us to understand when and how birds use the Thame catchment to breed and over-winter. If you don’t yet have experience but are keen to learn then we have plenty of ad-hoc survey opportunities as well as the potential to buddy up with someone more experienced and learn more; which can be followed up by starting to submit your own records.
  • Mammal Surveys: You may already know that otters are now frequently spotted across the Thame. We would love to have evidence of how wide spread they are and how we can help to protect them. Water Voles are also found on neighbouring catchments, so we always need people to keep an eye out for them making their way to us.
  • Amphibian Surveys: In the early spring we look for people who would be interested in surveying the small, but also, very importantly, ponds which are close by to the river. These ponds act as feeder habitats, and understanding their biodiversity is key to protecting our rivers. WP_20160505_11_56_01_Pro
  • Riverfly Monitoring: This involves taking a three minute sample of the invertebrates living in the river. The results that you provide help us to gain an indication of water quality and any potential deterioration. Our aim is to have a network of monitors across the catchment so that we can react quickly to pollution incidents and protect our river to our best ability.
  • Photo Surveys: Knowing what is where in an area as large as the River Thame Catchment can often be quite tricky. With so many things to do, getting out and about can be difficult for our officers. Having photographs of different places along the river can be a very useful tool when designing projects and mapping land-use. All that is needed is a camera or camera phone and the desire to go for a walk!

As you can see there are many opportunities to choose from, volunteers are fully supported and free training courses are provided. We would love to hear from you, so please contact us today!

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