Catchment Partnerships to Continue!

After what felt like a very long wait, it was finally confirmed that DEFRA will continue to fund catchment partnerships across the country for at least another year. This funding is vital to help us maintain good relationships with partners across the catchment, as well as our excellent working relationship with Freshwater Habitats Trust and the Environment Agency.

Between ourselves and Freshwater Habitats Trust we have been awarded £7,500, this money will be used to allow us to facilitate our partnership meeting, support important survey work and ensure we are present during future decision making. Ultimately, although a relatively small amount of money, we hope that we can use this to effectively plan the ways in which the River Thame catchment will be cared for and improved to eventually reach good status under Water Framework Directive objectives.

We have plans to meet with our neighbouring catchment partnerships in the near future, discussions will be based around how we can work together to try and stretch our funding further and get the best biodiversity benefits.

Our next River Thame Catchment Partnership meeting will be taking place in October; we will provide news and updates after this meeting. If you think there are important topics that we should be discussing then please let us know!