Cuttlebrook Nature Reserve Habitat Improvement

The Cuttle brook Conservation Volunteers have been busy over the past few years making improvements to the whole of the nature reserve, but in particular the freshwater habitats within it.


Gravel has been added to the Cuttle brook to improve the spawning habitat for fish and an old meander has been reconnected to the main channel of the stream to act as a refuge for young fish.

Being an urban nature reserve one of the main problems at the reserve is the sheer volume of dogs that visit. When dogs enter streams and rivers at the same locations time upon time they can cause erosion of the banks and increase the amount of sediment entering the stream which in excess can smother invertebrates and fish eggs. The Cuttle brook Conservation Volunteers have worked hard stabilising the bank in places but they have also created specially designed areas where dogs can enter the brook safely but also with minimal impact on the brook.

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Fish refuge created by excavating an old meander


The Cuttle Brook after the gravel had been added