Cuxham Mill Fish Pass

The old weir structure at Cuxham Mill presented an impassable barrier to the upstream and downstream populations of brown trout (and other species) in the Chalgrove brook (except in times of high flows). The weir was approximately 18″ high. Below it there was a concrete slope of about 8m in length and then a further drop. All 3 elements needed addressing in order to make this section of river fully passable to fish.

After some excellent on site liaison with the landowner, the Wild Trout Trust, the Environment Agency and ourselves, the Environment Agency secured funding which allowed simple modifications to ensure this channel is passable to most fish species (with a focus on trout).

This work was completed in autumn 2016 and the modified structure can be seen below. The network of small steps allow fish to move up the structure section by section, allowing them time to regain their breath after each jump!