Freshwater Habitats Trust

FHT logo largeFreshwater Habitats Trust (FHT) is a charitable organisation that operates across the UK to protect freshwater life and promote its value to the public.

They champion freshwater habitats as amongst the most threatened in the world and work with government agencies, land owners, and industry to achieve their goals. FHT use scientific evidence to assess habitats and make conservation plans to work with all types of water bodies – from major rivers to small ponds and ditches. They aim to achieve well-functioning freshwater habitats for wildlife and people.

To find out more about the work Freshwater Habitats Trust does for our freshwater around the UK visit their website.

FHT work closely with the River Thame Conservation Trust as joint catchment hosts, and you can find out more about this on our Catchment Partnership page. We have also completed, or are currently participating in, a number of joint projects including Catchment Restoration Work and identifying Important Freshwater Areas. You can find out more about these joint projects on our projects map.

Our partnership with FHT has been hailed as an innovative and fresh way at looking at our river landscape. Realising the importance of small freshwaters, including ponds and ditches, is a key part of how the Trust moves forward in its work. By creating and improving these small biodiverse patches across the catchment, our river will be ready to receive a whole host of species.