Surveys and monitoring

We currently need help with the following surveys:

Riverfly monitoring


Monitoring some freshwater invertebrates on a regular monthly basis is a fun and easy way to identify pollution in running water courses.

Water quality monitoring surveys

A water sample is taken each month from the same site and two very simple water tests are done to determine phosphate and nitrate concentrations. We have volunteers all across the catchment helping with this and the more samples we have, the better our understanding of water quality across the catchment.

Bird surveys

We are looking for experienced birders to help us complete the huge task of surveying the whole catchment. This project will allow us to understand when and how birds use the Thame catchment to breed and over-winter. If you don’t yet have experience but are keen to learn then we have plenty of ad-hoc survey opportunities as well as the potential to buddy up with someone more experienced and learn more; which can be followed up by starting to submit your own records.

Non-native invasive plants

Can you help us to locate and map non-native and invasive plants? Send in your sighting!

Clean Water Quest

This is a catchment wide survey of all ponds, streams, ditches and main river to help us find clean water in the catchment.