Water Quality Monitoring Surveys

A quarterly survey of water quality across the catchment. Volunteers use simple test kits to measure the levels of two widespread nutrient pollutants, nitrate and phosphate, in their local streams, ponds, ditches and in the one and only River Thame.

Freshwater wildlife has evolved for millions of years in low nutrient conditions and so requires these conditions to survive, especially sensitive and many of our now rarest wetland plants and animals. When nutrients are added they act like fertilizer, causing fast growing and vigorous species, such as algae, to out compete slower growing and more sensitive species. In extreme cases the water can turn green and smelly. However the effects can be much more subtle than this, so even if water looks clear, it doesn’t necessary mean it is un-impacted by pollution.

By monitoring the catchment we can identify trends in water quality and target areas for future conservation work.

If you are interested in signing up to be a water quality monitor please email Hannah at hannah@riverthame.org

The survey

  1. Selected a waterbody from our online map [see right] or choose a local waterbody yourself (i.e. pond, stream, ditch, river).
  2. Every three months (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) collect a small water sample from your site(s) and test it for nitrate and phosphate pollution using our simple quick kits.
  3. Email in your result (hannah@riverthame.org) to contribute to the catchment wide survey.

It’s as simple as that!

Sign up for a site

If you are interested in taking on a monitoring sites please visit our online maps to find a location near you.

Sending in your results

To send in your results please fill in and email the spreadsheet below to Hannah (hannah@riverthame.org).