River Thame Wildlife Corridor

Lower Thame Wildlife Corridor

Wildlife surveys have been commissioned to try to identify what species are present in the lower Thame, focused on the river stretch between Cuddesdon downstream to Chiselhampton, and along the Chalgrove Brook from Watlington through Cuxham. Surveys include water invertebrates, birds (a Constant Effort Survey at Cuddesdon) and bats. The birding ringing team reported: “May has seen the first 3 CES (Constant Effort Site) visits and the results from these are encouraging with a diversity of species being present in good numbers.”

These surveys will help to identify what value the river holds for different species, and inform the effectiveness and position of habitat enhancement measures. These may include:

1. Fish refuges similar to these constructed as part of the River Thame Catchment Pilot Project


2. Ponds, intercepting nutrients


3. Cattle drinkers and backwaters