Lots of birds are to be seen along the Thame Valley and, starting in the autumn of 2015, they have been surveyed through the RTCT bird surveying programme, which is contributing to the British Trust for Ornithology WeBS programme. Around 16 people have been patrolling an assigned section of the river for 2 hours on the same day each month and counting all the birds that they see, focusing on wetland and aquatic birds in particular. Over 40 species of wetland birds have been identified along the Thame and its banks since the survey started, and this is in addition to all the garden and farmland birds. This survey will give us a better understanding of the status of birds along the Thame than ever before and also could provide a benchmark for future monitoring, you can find out more about it here.

The birds pictured in the gallery are all to be seen along the Thame and most of the images were taken along the river. The gallery starts with aquatic birds – ducks, geese and waders, then birds associated with river banks, such as reed buntings, and then moves on to the birds of farmland and gardens. Raptors are at the end of the gallery.