RTCT May 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to our seventh RTCT newsletter. We always love to update people on what is happening around the catchment, and what better way to fill people in than with a monthly newsletter. We hope that you enjoy reading and welcome any suggestions for next month, just send them and any photographs to Enquiries@RiverThame.org

Summer is well and truly on its way in the Thame catchment. The last few weeks of warm and sunny weather have brought damselflies like the banded and beautiful demoiselle and the emerald damselfly flying around our waterways. The warm, humid evenings bring out the riverflies, dancing in the evening sunlight and our swallows have finally returned to the UK after their long flight from Africa. The lush green vegetation is growing along the river banks and in our ponds and streams, providing habitat for fish fry, invertebrates and amphibians.

Please send your photos of summer in the Thame catchment to Enquiries@RiverThame.org

Riverfly partnership photography competition

When you are out and about on your evening strolls enjoying the thousands of mayflies in their mating swarms make sure to take some snaps as you could be in for winning £500!


To enter the competition click here


Watery Wildlife Watch

We have a great opportunity for 7 lucky Aylesbury and Thame volunteers to record the wildlife of The River Thame. As part of a project funded by Tesco we have bought motion sensor cameras and underwater cameras to see the hidden life of the wildlife in our catchment.

If you live in Thame or Aylesbury and you are interested in manning your own camera then please contact Enquiries@RiverThame.org. There are limited cameras available so they will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

More Training Courses!

Again we have had a fantastic month for training courses with volunteers having great enthusiasm to go out into the catchment and undertake some surveying. A huge thank you to those volunteers who attended, the fantastic trainers and of course we couldn’t have done it without the support of the landowners who allowed access to their land for these courses.

Riverfly Training

We welcomed Emily Godfrey back with open arms to run this training course and everyone found her enthusiasm for the subject inspiring and many participants are well on their way to start their first surveys around the catchment.

Riverflys (caddisflies, mayflies, stoneflies etc) are highly susceptible to changes in pollution so surveying for them gives us a good indication of not only water quality but if/ when a pollution incident has occurred.

Otter Training

This training course had the best turn out yet of all of our training courses so far – we even had a waiting list!

The group had the opportunity to go to an area on the River Thame with known otters, in search of spraint. Our luck was in and we found two fresh spraints – you know when you’ve found an otter spraint from the smell – very fishy!


Your Fisheries – We want your views!

Your Fisheries’ is an initiative developed by The Rivers Trust, the Environment Agency and Angling Trust. It is a web-based application that brings together evidence and knowledge from a range of different sources to help produce fisheries action plans. Through ‘Your Fisheries’ the River Thame Conservation Trust are looking to produce a fisheries action plan for the River Thame catchment and to help us put together this plan we are looking to collect information and gain your views

We are interested in your views of:

  1. The current status of fish populations
  2. Key factors affecting fish populations
  3. Actions to maintain or improve fish populations
  4. Monitoring
  5. Fishing Opportunity and fishing access

Please download the questionnaire and take part to help us make a difference!

Click here to complete the questionnaire and have your say about your fisheries:

River Thame Your Fisheries Questionnaire

Upcoming Events


Himalayan Balsam Bashing Aylesbury Wednesday 7th June 10.30am – 3pm
Himalayan Balsam Bashing Aylesbury Wednesday 14th June 10.30am – 3pm
Litter Pick Saturday 17th June 10am – 2pm
Himalayan Balsam Bashing Aylesbury Saturday 24th June 10.30am – 3pm
Litter Pick Wednesday 5th July 10am – 2pm
Beginners wildlife and landscape photography workshop Saturday 22nd July 3pm – 6.00pm
Riverside guided walk Saturday 5th August 10.30am – 12pm