RTCT November Newsletter

Welcome to our second RTCT newsletter. We always love to update people on what is happening around the catchment, and what better way to fill people in than with a monthly newsletter. We hope that you enjoy reading and welcome any suggestions for next month, just send an email to Emily Godfrey: emily@riverthame.org

TVERC Release their training courses for 2017



Projects identified across the main river to support the Barbel stocked in September

Cuddesdon Mill Village Angles Association, the Environment Agency, Greenford Contractors and the River Thame Conservation Trust spent a full day walking the lower part of the Thame, identifying projects to improve the river for fish.

We are very excited to confirm that there is now around £25,000 available for these improvements which would not be possible without the outstanding support from Greenford Ltd.


Struggling to collect water for your water quality samples?

One of our volunteers, Bill, has developed a great sampling technique using some simple materials that you may already have at home!

water-sampler-004‘As you can see, leading edge design and materials have been used to overcome the problem of the last version when the collection bottle collapsed on impact after being thrown into the middle of the river. The weight part is still a milk bottle filled with large gravel stones with the original cap. In this version, the actual collector is a cheap water bottle with the screw on top removed for water collection and replaced during transit back to the car for testing. (The spout is not used as it cannot be rinsed). The water bottle has a smaller waist by design which allows the waist tie-wraps to stay put. There is also a tie wrap around the top of the orange bottle and then through the handle of the milk bottle.

I just lower the device into the midstream of the river from each of the bridges or banks twice: once to rinse and then to actually collect the water sample. As the rope is at the top, the device enters bottom first when lowered and so the water bottle fills up without any problems.’

Atlas surveyors plan to cover 20% of the catchment this year alone!

Our exciting new bird survey, run by Nick Marriner, is well underway with new and existing volunteers taking on at least 20% of the catchment in this next year alone!

There is still plenty of time to get involved, for more details please contact Nick on marrinernick@gmail.com

Image by Doug Kennedy, taken on the Thame.

Image by Doug Kennedy, taken on the Thame.

Invasive species of the month.

American minkAs plants become more difficult to see, we would love for you to look out for invasive American Mink in the catchment. We know they are around, but we don’t have many new records for them.

Management can only be taken forward with good data and understanding of where we should focus our efforts. Please send any records in the Emily via emily@riverthame.org