Scotsgrove Brook


The Scotsgrove Brook starts off in Little Kimble, flows past Bishopstone and through Ford before skirting Haddenham and joining the Kingsey Cuttle Brook. Both Haddenham and Stone sewage treatment works discharge into this brook, resulting in the potential of a very large phosphate, nitrate and ammonia load. Additionally, a lot of new housing estates being added to the villages will increase the sewage flow considerably. However, Thames Water maintain that the STW is more than capable of dealing with the loads placed on it.

The land-use along the brook is predominantly arable and some parts are prone to flooding in the winter, which has been exacerbated by the straightening of some of the drainage ditches that feed into it. The flooding might be eased through allowing water to find its own route to flow off the land as it did in the past, which might improve how the waterways cope with heavy rainfall; but more work is needed in order to fully understand the water flows and land-use.

In 2015, the Environment Agency classified the Scotsgrove Brook section as “moderate”, which met its 2015 target. Invertebrate samples have shown that the brook supports a wide range of invertebrates in the sample location, however phosphate levels are classed as “poor” and dissolved oxygen as “moderate” (targeted to reach “good” by 2027). An overall target for the brook is yet to be set.

You can find out more about the classification of rivers in our catchment by using the Environment Agency’s Catchment Data Explorer.


Small Waters

The river isn’t the only water that we are concerned with. There are multiple small waters including ponds, ditches and steams. All of which are highlighted on the map below.scortsgrove-brook-small-waters


We currently have no projects planned for this area, if you have any suggestions then we would love to hear from you.


Water quality has been monitored sporadically across a few points along this Brook, mainly downstream of sewage treatment works, and shows that in some places water quality is very poor.

We would love to extend our volunteer monitoring in this area, particularly riverfly and water quality monitoring, to find out if there are some areas that should be celebrated or places that need improvement. You can find out more about our volunteer monitoring and how you could get involved in monitoring yourself here.

Other Groups

There are currently no groups that are working specifically on the Scotsgrove Brook. If you would like to get involved by starting a local group in your area, then please get in touch.