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Aylesbury Outfall Safari – identifying polluting outfalls in our streams and rivers

Can you help to tackle pollution in the Bear Brook and the streams of Aylesbury?

Bear Brook, taken by Ian Parsons

What is an Outfall Safari?

The Outfall Safari method involves systematically surveying the entire length of a river/stream to identify and locate polluting outfalls. This allows the pollution to be reported to Thames Water and the Environment Agency so that it can be tackled.

You must  sign up to attend a training session if you want to take part. To find out more please see our website page.

 What’s involved?

We need the help of volunteers to walk lengths of stream in the Aylesbury area to locate polluting outfalls. Once located polluting outfalls are reported to Thames Water and the Environment Agency so that they can be tackled.

  • Attend a training session to learn how to identify and map polluting outfalls.
  • Walk your local streams to help protect them from pollution.

To sign up to the training event please visit: https://bit.ly/2V0SkhY