The Environment Agency

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The Environment Agency is a public body that is responsible for the protection and enhancement of the environment in England. This organisation has many responsibilities relating to our rivers, including monitoring their status, helping to implement the Water Framework Directive (WFD), monitoring fisheries and providing licenses & permits, responding to incidents and supporting out waterways.

The River Thame Conservation Trust works mostly with the Environment Agency through their work on the Water Framework Directive; you can find out more about this here. Our catchment co-ordinator feeds us information and works with us to ensure that our projects deliver multiple benefits. There is a great deal of expertise within the Agency, which is very important to us as a small organisation, and we can draw on this expertise when providing advice and taking action on the ground. Many of the projects that you will see on our projects list have been funded by the Environment Agency, as they work with smaller organisations, all across England, to deliver WFD benefits.

The Environment Agency also provide us with the Catchment Data Explorer, this is a great way for all of us to be able to access the data that they have collected from our rivers and understand how we would be able to reach the targets laid out by the Water Framework Directive.