Waddesdon wetland creation

The first new wetland creation in the River Thame Catchment in living memory (as far as we know) is underway!

River Thame Conservation Trust are working closely with kind co-operation of the landowners, the Waddesdon Estate, and with other key partners – Freshwater Habitats Trust and the Environment Agency. Our plan is to create a mosaic of wetland habitats on the floodplain of the River Thame, downstream of Eythrope, on the Waddesdon Estate.

The wetland will be designed with species diversity in mind and will be a haven for all freshwater species from plants and invertebrates to birds and fish. The wetland will be made up of a series of pools at varying depths, with the inclusion of fish refuges as well as possible restoration work on the main river channel.

Here are some similar schemes in the Thames catchment:

River of life

Pink hill meadow

It is early days yet as the scheme is currently at the investigative phase and it is a project that will take a few years to properly plan and develop.

5 bore holes have now been installed on the floodplain. Boreholes are small holes (only 5cm in diameter and 2m deep) which are drilled into the ground and for this purpose they will allow us to measure ground water levels. A sediment core was also taken from each hole to show us what the underlying geology was of the site. As expected and like much of the Thame catchment there was a lot of clay! To see how the bore holes were installed click here.

We will be monitoring the sites ground water levels for the next few months to understand the hydrology of the site.