Wildlife Along The River Thame

Swans and geese on the Thame above Winchendon

Swans and geese on the Thame above Winchendon.

Wildlife is at the core of the Trust’s work because it has suffered from human development and activities, and because it is the best indicator of the health of the river environment. Our mission is to find ways of reversing this decline and restoring biodiversity on the river. Our main strategy at this time is to find out what we have and how the ecosystem might be improved to better support a healthy biodiversity.

As you can see from other sections of this web site, the Trust is carrying out surveys of habitats, birds and other wildlife, monitoring the river water, and working with landowners, water companies and local councils, and we are building momentum in all of these areas. In 2016, matters seem to be improving:

  • The river generally runs clear and contains fish.
  • Mayflies, Dragonflies and other insects are found in the summer months.
  • Regular surveys of birds are showing a wide diversity and, at times, good numbers in many places.

You can find out more about why our wildlife is suffering here; but this section celebrates the wildlife that we currently have on the Thame .

The pages linked to this discuss and describe wildlife along the River Thame in more detail and include a collection of photographs, taken in the Thame Valley, of vertebrate and invertebrate animals found there.

Many of our photographs have been taken and provided by Doug Kennedy (http://www.doug-kennedy.com) and their copyright is owned by him. If you would like to submit your own photographs to feature on the website then please get in touch.